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  • Rick Faber: “Purpose and Passion” Drive Success

    Rick Faber: “Purpose and Passion” Drive Success

    As a college student, Omaha Vistage chairman Rick Faber out-hustled two other students for a mundane job in food service and kitchen cleanup. Being chosen over two competitors taught him an early lesson that has never left him: focus, intensity and drive matter. At the time, Faber didn’t really know what his purpose in life was. Over time, that part of his “vocational identity” evolved as well. When his passion and purpose finally converged, his career went into hyper-drive. That’s […]

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  • Do Leaders Walk the Talk? Peek-Emsick Issues Challenge

    Do Leaders Walk the Talk? Peek-Emsick Issues Challenge

    Janyne Peek-Emsick used to be a nun. Today, she’s an insightful management consultant who helps corporate leaders see themselves as others see them. In this Success Summit interview with Lynn Hinderaker, Dr. Peek-Emsick shares a secret with the audience: the best educated and highest paid corporate leaders often blame others when their best plans fall apart. Their vanity and puffed-up vision of what the company is supposed to be doing can set them up for failure that, to them, is […]

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  • How to Innovate: Go Wild With Confidence

    How to Innovate: Go Wild With Confidence

    In this Success Summit interview, Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild explains how one’s emotions, moods and perspective on life can predispose one to be more innovative at the office. She emphasizes the value of fun and a playful attitude, in particular, as a catalyst for thinking differently about solving problems, thinking out of the box and making a more strategic contribution in your career. While talking with WOWBIZ host, Lynn Hinderaker, she suggests we think about ourselves as being “larger than we […]

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  • Nebraska Enterprise Partnership Fund

    Nebraska Enterprise Partnership Fund

    Much of the job growth in Nebraska comes from “micro-enterprise,” an entrepreneurial category that is the supported by the Nebraska Enterprise Partnership Fund, a CDFI administered by Rose Jaspersen. In this interview with host and entrepreneur, Lynn Hinderaker, Jasperson explains how the fund grows existing, small scale “micro-preneurs” with loans in the under-$50,000 range. The NEPF provides small business training to non-profit groups across Nebraska, equipping them with technical knowledge and systemized training programs that are then used to support […]

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  • Mastercraft Advisors Serve Omaha’s Entrepreneurs

    Mastercraft Advisors Serve Omaha’s Entrepreneurs

    Koley Jessen PC attorney Daniel McMahon explains the rationale behind an unprecedented alliance with three other prominent Omaha firms who have leased a space together at the Mastercraft building north of downtown.  The Mastercraft Advisors (suite 140, Mastercraft building) serves the entire Omaha community by supporting the entrepreneurs in the building (hopefully, some of them will eventually create new jobs). The alliance provides training and open-door consultation regarding business planning, protecting intellectual property, attracting venture capital and other lean-forward, start-up […]

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  • Greenberg: People Make the Difference

    Greenberg: People Make the Difference

    After congratulating Lynn Hinderaker on the success of WOWBIZ Weekly, Greenberg (author of Your High), talks about the different kinds of people one encounters in business. Greenberg touches on passion, curiosity, risk, persistence and coping with failure. This discussion ends with a debate about detachment and dualism.

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  • Meier: Confidence Requires Training, Visualization

    Meier: Confidence Requires Training, Visualization

    “Thinking Coach,” Jim Meier, speaks to host Lynn Hinderaker about how he helps athletes recapture their confidence; the key is to observe the mechanical machinations of one’s mind when it is spouting judgments that provoke self-doubt. Meier also talks about the value of thinking of times in the past when one has succeeded and to “feel” that experience in great detail. Hinderaker adds that people sometimes feel that they deserve failure, which is a self-fulfilling concept.

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  • The Practical Possibilities of Ethics in Business

    The Practical Possibilities of Ethics in Business

    In this riveting interview, Dr. Beverly Kracher discusses what it really means to “do the right thing” in the context of everyday business and the complicated, “gray” conflicts that arise there. Host Lynn Hinderaker debates moral relativism and the true responsibility of business owners with Dr. Kracher, who counters by emphasizing how ethics support employee engagement. The interview ends with a question: “Will consumers pay a premium for products made by a “transparent” corporation that demonstrates community “intentionality?”  

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  • CEO Hoberman Plots His Next Move

    CEO Hoberman Plots His Next Move

    Retiring Proxibid CEO Bruce Hoberman explains the online auction industry model, emphasizing the importance of value added customer service. WOWBIZ Weekly host Lynn Hinderaker unveils various aspects of Hoberman’s eclectic, international career. Hoberman finally shares his insights into business culture and the passionate management of people. The students in the audience appreciate Hoberman’s final point about respecting others, which creates a cohesive culture.

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  • Sarpy Entrepreneur Explains 360 Leadership

    Sarpy Entrepreneur Explains 360 Leadership

    If you’re a dedicated entrepreneur like Sarpy County CPA Kathi Shaw, achieving lifestyle balance is a challenge. It takes training to understand what balance and multidimensional leadership really mean. Shaw received such training from the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce and it has enhanced her life. Even if work feels like a healthy obsession, this interview with host Lynn Hinderaker could be a catalyst for inner growth.

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