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  • Zych Leans Into Dynamics of Female Leadership

    Zych Leans Into Dynamics of Female Leadership

    In this fascinating interview, the Executive Director of the Women’s Fund of Omaha, Michelle Zych, discusses Sheryl Sandberg’s book, “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead,” with WOWBIZ host, Lynn Hinderaker. Zych elaborates on the tough choices and compromises that today’s female has to make insofar as career velocity is concerned. Lesson: It’s not always easy to “lean in,” especially when socioeconomics are factored into the equation. Corporate leaders will find this interview helpful in understanding how much […]

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  • Branding in the New, “Adaptive” Era

    Branding in the New, “Adaptive” Era

    In this thoughtful interview, Dick Musil (who spearheads business development for Webster Design, Omaha) discusses how branding has evolved in this social media-tinged era. Host Lynn Hinderaker focuses on the power of branding to differentiate a company such as Audi, which has successfully linked itself to “heroic bravery” as a way to make its brand name resonate with upscale achievers. Musil explains how branding has evolved from a graphical identity to providing an entire “brand experience.” The multifaceted dialogue goes […]

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  • Health Care Expert Explains the “New Normal”

    Health Care Expert Explains the “New Normal”

    Affordable Health Care is a complex and urgent topic that requires close scrutiny by business owners, according to Sean McGuire, Omaha-based health care consultant. In this interview, McGuire calls the healthcare act, which was passed three years ago, the “big foot” of national law because it’s so unknown and misunderstood. If a business has more than 50 employees that work at least 30 hours, it will be responsible for paying for health care or face a large non-deductible tax. Host […]

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  • Entrepreneurs Must Protect Their Intellectual Property

    Entrepreneurs Must Protect Their Intellectual Property

    Inventors and entrepreneurs often struggle to get their products branded and protected. According to Virgil Johnson, Erickson Sederstrom attorney, the process is getting more complex as the web makes it tough to sort through the origination and appropriate usage of intellectual property.  Software developers, for instance, must learn to license their object code (which is akin to the operating system), not the source code (which is how the operating system itself is created). Erickson Sederstrom attorney Andrew Collins helps entrepreneurs […]

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  • Nebraska Enterprise Partnership Fund

    Nebraska Enterprise Partnership Fund

    Much of the job growth in Nebraska comes from “micro-enterprise,” an entrepreneurial category that is the supported by the Nebraska Enterprise Partnership Fund, a CDFI administered by Rose Jaspersen. In this interview with host and entrepreneur, Lynn Hinderaker, Jasperson explains how the fund grows existing, small scale “micro-preneurs” with loans in the under-$50,000 range. The NEPF provides small business training to non-profit groups across Nebraska, equipping them with technical knowledge and systemized training programs that are then used to support […]

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  • Visualize Your Ideal Future with Multimedia

    Visualize Your Ideal Future with Multimedia

    Bellevue entrepreneur Marea Whittaker Bishop describes her Ideal-EYEZ multimedia service that is based on the power of conscious visualization of goals. Host Lynn Hinderaker emphasizes the proven power of mental focus as Bishop demonstrates how a simple “vision board” consisting of images of one’s ideal future can be transformed into a computerized presentation (with audio) that plays repeatedly on one’s desktop to reinforce positive visualization, belief and outcomes. More: www.wowbiztv.com

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  • Omaha Chamber Launches Prosper Omaha

    Omaha Chamber Launches Prosper Omaha

    In this celebratory interview, economic developer Mark Norman explains how the Omaha Chamber has used a clustering strategy and a “no-boundaries,” collaborative organizational style to create 20,000 jobs. Norman also touches on the fundraising agenda for the new, five year Prosper Omaha initiative. Host Lynn Hinderaker enthuses about the emphasis on “prosperity for all” and the development projects slated for the area east of 72nd Street. More: www.wowbiztv.com

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  • Mancuso Weaves Trends into Trade Show Portfolio

    Mancuso Weaves Trends into Trade Show Portfolio

    Nobody knows how to keep industry trade shows relevant and lively like the Mancuso family and their family firm, Mid-America Expositions (started 47 years ago by 79-year-old Bob Mancuso). In this interview, Bob Mancuso, Jr., describes the trade show line up for spring through fall of 2013, many of which are tied into demographic trends and non-profit causes. Host Lynn Hinderaker enthuses about the cutting edge speakers and vendors featured at the Health, Wellness and Fitness Show, April 13 and […]

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  • Mastercraft Advisors Serve Omaha’s Entrepreneurs

    Mastercraft Advisors Serve Omaha’s Entrepreneurs

    Koley Jessen PC attorney Daniel McMahon explains the rationale behind an unprecedented alliance with three other prominent Omaha firms who have leased a space together at the Mastercraft building north of downtown.  The Mastercraft Advisors (suite 140, Mastercraft building) serves the entire Omaha community by supporting the entrepreneurs in the building (hopefully, some of them will eventually create new jobs). The alliance provides training and open-door consultation regarding business planning, protecting intellectual property, attracting venture capital and other lean-forward, start-up […]

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  • Blake Clears Up Social Media Confusion

    Blake Clears Up Social Media Confusion

    According to Adrian Blake (Social Media Contractors), American culture is experiencing an amazing transformation as social media moves into the mainstream from the verge of society. Blake emphasizes the importance of steady social media postings while host Lynn Hinderaker bemoans how the “big idea” has been overlooked in the tsumani of social media. Final comment: Online video is “enormously powerful…pound-for-pound, most impactful.” Most important social media idea? Measure-ability.

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