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  • Aaron Davis Describes New Era Success at Embassy Suites

    Aaron Davis Describes New Era Success at Embassy Suites

    This former Nebraska Cornhusker football player has learned much from his experiences with the national championship team of 1994. In this interview with WOWBIZ host Lynn Hinderaker, Davis describes the importance of having a simple goal and acting on that goal consistently everyday. He stresses the importance of living with integrity and compassion above material achievement. Davis also explains that successful people have the same struggles as everyone else, but they endure setbacks because they cling to a higher purpose […]

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  • How to Change Your Life in 30 Days or Less

    How to Change Your Life in 30 Days or Less

    In this revealing interview, certified hypnotherapist Diane Rohlfs explains how our early conditioning can backfire on us as adults. According to Rohlfs, our core beliefs are running through our minds at a deep level, filtering out any new data that conflict with long-held convictions. That’s why we continue destructive behaviors such as addiction, irrational fear, aversion to public speaking, irritability, gambling, overeating, etc., even though we “know better.” Rohlfs uses a safe, long-lasting form of hypnosis based on deep relaxation […]

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  • How to Serve a Much Fresher, Healthier Chicken

    How to Serve a Much Fresher, Healthier Chicken

    In this interview, Jim Steffans explains how he raises ultra-fresh, flavorful chicken outside of Omaha, Nebraska, that makes it from “pasture to plate” in five days or less. His Massena Farms operation moves chickens around on open pastures and feed them organic grain. The chickens need no antibiotics because they are not confined, thus there is no illness among the birds. The poultry is processed right on the Massena Farms property using state of the art technology. Consumers order their […]

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  • How To Select a Coach To Help You Grow

    How To Select a Coach To Help You Grow

    This thoughtful video interview with Gallup-certified mentor and “guide” Val McPherson provides an inside peek into the world of personal and business coaching. McPherson’s career is based on the fact that many people feel blocked in their careers, which creates malaise and confusion. The first step is objective listening, he explains to WowBiz founder Lynn Hinderaker. Eventually, McPherson “moves” his clients toward clarity and creativity, encouraging them to re-examine long-repressed aspirations. As the self discovery process becomes more intense,  most […]

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  • How to Define Your Personal Style By Repurposing Your Heritage Jewelry

    How to Define Your Personal Style By Repurposing Your Heritage Jewelry

    As you mature, it becomes important to define your personal style. When you succeed at that, you feel more confident tackling the future. However, there’s a hitch: as your parents age and you learn more about your family origins, it becomes important to carry something with you that connects you to that very personal past. Few people can resolve the tension between expressing the future and the past in their appearance and personality. That’s where repurposed jewelry can play an […]

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  • How Small Business Execs Find the Time to Focus on What They Do Best

    How Small Business Execs Find the Time to Focus on What They Do Best

    Everyone knows the importance of working on your business rather than in your business. But what to do first? This interview with Geniece Brown (Brown Virtual Assisting, Omaha) explains how virtual assistants can quickly double your personal productivity. Brown describes the types of business people who rely on virtual assistants to lower stress, handle administrative responsibilities and even jump start your social media. She explains how virtual assistants work as extensions of your core staff while unleashing your creative potential […]

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  • How To Transition Your Family Business Successfully

    How To Transition Your Family Business Successfully

    70% of family businesses fail to transition their ownership from one generation to the next. When owners of a family business are ready to retire and have the option to pass it down to their children, many factors keep them from doing so. What then? In this WOWBIZ Inside Scoop video, Jim Zipurski of Corporate Finance Associates discusses the psychological and financial challenges of passing on a family business as well as how to use outside financing and lots of […]

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  • How to Stimulate Brand Traction

    How to Stimulate Brand Traction

    Successful companies know that instead of cutting costs to save money, the key is to differentiate themselves from competitors – especially during recessionary periods. That means that branding is the key factor for success. The challenge is to transform the brand into a sales-generating catalyst – to change behavior, not just attitude. This leads us to a new term found only on WOWBIZ Inside Scoop: Brand Traction. Cutting costs is not the answer In this WOWBIZ interview, David Gilinsky of […]

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  • How To Spur Employee Innovation

    How To Spur Employee Innovation

    As the business world refocuses on driving innovation, companies are entertaining new ways to generate creative ideas that will boost employee and customer engagement. By taking employees out of their normal office environment, CEOs can inspire them to perceive organizational challenges in a different light, finding fresh solutions and boosting morale. Finding the right venue An offsite meeting place should offer environmental features that are in dramatic contrast to the office environment. Inspiring examples may include special lighting, a natural […]

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  • How To Use Wiki Technology To Collaborate

    How To Use Wiki Technology To Collaborate

    In today’s business world, collaboration is the key to improving productivity, stimulating innovation and sharing knowledge across departmental boundaries. Wiki technology provides a highly customizable strategy to break down barriers within your entire company. What is Wiki? Wiki is based on the concept of creating an open platform that can be modified by anyone who has access. Like Wikipedia (the fifth most popular website on the Internet), a business wiki is a constantly evolving tool that can save your employees […]

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